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BRDM-2 repair 


Produced since 1962
Notable for compact, floating, easy to drive


Type GAZ-41 V-8
Fuel gasoline
Power 140 HP
Maximum Torque 352 Nm


BRDM-2-U, 9P122, 9P133, 9P137, 9P148 


Curb Weight 7,7T
Wheelbase 3.1m
Crew 4
Height 2,31 m
Length 5,75 m
Width 2,37 m
Ground Clearance 0,43 m


Driving Licence Truck
Can be transported in a container? 1
Requires an Export Licence? 1

Driving capacities

Fuel Capacity 290L
Fuel Consumption 39 l/100km
Speed on Road 100 km/h
Speed Cross-country 10 km/h floating


Type mechanic


Voltage 24V
Tyre Size 13.00-18


Among all historic APCs, the BRDM-2 is the most easy to drive. There is, generally speaking, no difference to a truck. It is also by far the best swimmer, as its hull is in one piece - just like a boat. It is a very sympathetic car. Storable in a garage, with little air system and a trivial construction it demands little from its owner. Its engine is based on that of a GAZ-66, and so are other systems, such as brakes. Auxiliary MIG-21 wheels are of little use but give the vehicle a particular feel. 

Czech classic car road-registration available.


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