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Produced 1985-1994
Notable for amphibious


Type 3.5l V8 gasoline/ GM 6,2 V-8 diesel
Fuel gasoline/diesel
Power 142 kW
Maximum Torque 280 Nm
Displacement 3 532




Curb Weight 5,250 kg
Crew 15
Height 2.38
Length 7.67
Width 1.91
Ground Clearance


Driving Licence car
Can be transported in a container?
Requires an Export Licence?

Driving capacities

Fuel Capacity
Fuel Consumption
Speed on Road 65
Speed Cross-country
Payload 1,950 kg


Type automatic


Voltage 12V
Tyre Size


Frontline amphibious tracked twin carriers Sisu NA-110 and Sisu NA-140 BT ("Sisu Nasu") for sale. 


Brand new tracks available. Buy a  superior all-terrain transport vehicle Sisu Nasu. Diesel or Gasoline.

Sisu NA-110 (Nasu) is a track-driven articulated off-road vehicle (tracked truck) used by the Finnish Defense Forces, capable of carrying 2,000 kg of cargo or 18 soldiers with their equipment. NA-110 tracked trucks were acquired between 1992 and 1994. The predecessor of the Sisu NA-110 is the Sisu NA-140 BT. The essential difference from its predecessor is the replacement of the petrol engine with a diesel engine.


Nasu is designed for similar needs to the Swedish Bandvagn (Hägglunds Carrier Bv206, its predecessor BV202 and its successor BvS10). Its Russia counter-parts are GT-SM and ATS-59G





NA-140 BT

Manufactured from 1986 to 1991. Equipped with Rover 3.5 (3.9) V-8 petrol engine (142 kW /). Weight: 4850 kg, load: 1950 kg, length: 7.55 m, width: 1.91 m, height: 2.30 m, staff: 5 (including driver) in the front module and up to 12 in the rear module.


Manufactured from 1992 to 1994. Equipped with GM 6.2 l Heavy Duty V-8 diesel engine (113 kW). Weight: 5250 kg, load: 1950 kg, length: 7.67 m, width: width: 1.91 m, height: 2.38 m, staff: 5 (including driver) in the front module and up to 12 in the rear module.

NA-111 GT

signal station version.


NA-120 GT KV1

With armour, adapted for UN operations



Version with 120 mm mortar 120 KRH 92 and 14 layers in the rear module. Called Krh-TeKa (Kranaatinheitintelakuorma-auto) in the Finnish army

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Sisu Nasu NA-140

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