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Produced 1980's
Notable for


Type V-46 (V 12)
Fuel Diesel
Power 522 kW
Maximum Torque 220 Nm
Displacement 38 880 см3




Curb Weight 39500
Crew 5
Height 4,04 m
Length 10,22 m
Width 3,23 m
Ground Clearance


Driving Licence
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Driving capacities

Fuel Capacity
Fuel Consumption
Speed on Road 65 km/h
Speed Cross-country




Voltage 24 V
Tyre Size


MDK-3 ditching machine for sale. 

Buy similar Russian sapper vehicles: ATS-59G, BAT-MPTS  (identical MT-T chassis). 

The pioneering machine MDK-3 (Russian Машина дорожная котлованная МДК-3 - road trenching machine MDK-3), also known as MDK-3 tiller, is an all-terrain, unarmored vehicle designed as a Pioneering vehicle, not for swimming, developed in the Soviet Union When the milling machine was developed on the chassis of the MT-T in the 1980s. Internally, the vehicle was also called product 453 (изделие 453). MDK-3 is the successor to the pioneering machine MDK-2M. The MDK-3 is used by the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces. 



Like the previous machine, the MDK-3, the MDK-3M was designed to quickly dig large coverings and to pull armored trenches. The tiller on the rear of the vehicle is lowered hydraulically to the rear for the milling process. The 12-cylinder W-46-4 diesel engine, a reduced-power variant of the W-2 diesel engine with 710 hp and 38.88 liter displacement, is located directly behind the driver's cab, which can accommodate a maximum of five people.  To protect the crew, it has an ABC protection and ventilation system, which is intended to ensure endurance in areas contaminated with ABC ordnance.  The undercarriage consists of seven pairs of rollers, and the suspension is carried out via torsion bars. The earthworks of the MDK-3 are done in reverse. Depending on the nature of the soil, the milling performance per hour averages 50 to 100 meters. An excavation depth of 1.75 meters can be achieved per pass, the maximum depth is 3.5 meters, so that the loose material can be safely ejected. The trench width is 3.5 meters. With optimal soil conditions, a depth of about two meters with a pit width of 3.50 meters can be achieved in one work step. The work done amounts to almost 200 meters per hour. A maximum of 800 m³ of material should thus be able to be excavated per hour. The vehicle is also equipped with a dozer blade that can be used to fill trenches and depressions, but is also used to remove frozen topsoil of up to 75 cm.


MDK-3 (Machine for extracting the pit) - an engineering machine designed to extract pits under cover for weapons and military equipment or personnel, a mounted rotary trench excavator of transverse digging.

Designed for the engineering and civil defense forces of the Armed Forces of the USSR. Designed on the basis of a multi-purpose tractor - heavy (MT-T), it is a further development of the MDK-2M engineering machine. The working body of the MDK-3 is a rotary mill with a thrower. The combat vehicle is equipped with an adjustable dozer blade and a cultivator. The crew cabin is located in front of the machine. The cabin is sealed, accommodates up to five people, including the driver.

Calculation - two people + three landing. The dimensions of the trenches excavated: width at the bottom of 3.7 meters, depth up to 3.5 meters.

Length in transport position 10.22 m, length in working position 11.75 m; width in transport position 3.23 m, width in working position 4.6 m; height in transport position 4.04 m, height in working position 3.25 m.
Weight 39.5 t.
Engine B-46-4, capacity 710 liters. with. (522 kW).
Cruising range of 500 km.
The transport speed on the highway is 65 km / h.
Productivity: 1000 m³ / hour.
Ground pressure 0.78 kgf / cm².
Obstacle to be overcome: ford up to 1.5 m deep, elevation angle up to 30 °

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