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Produced 1971-present
Notable for omnipresent Soviet jeep


Type 4 cylinder UMZ 451 M
Fuel gasoline
Power 53 kW
Maximum Torque 166 Nm


UAZ-469B, UAZ 31512 


Curb Weight 2 450 kg
Wheelbase 2.3m
Crew 5
Height 2,050 m
Length 4,025 m
Width 1,785 m
Ground Clearance 0,3 m


Driving Licence Car
Can be transported in a container?
Requires an Export Licence?

Driving capacities

Fuel Capacity 2x39l
Fuel Consumption 13 L/ 100 km
Speed on Road 100 km/h
Speed Cross-country 40 km/h
Payload 750


Type Manual


Voltage 12 V
Tyre Size 215/90 R15




Buy a UAZ-469 or a UAZ-31512. Fabulous Soviet jeeps for sale.  

When looking for a Russian jeep, the UAZ 469 is the first option. A simple vehicle that can easily beat any western-made 4x4 in the terrain, light, balanced, do-it-your-self repairable with spare parts abundant on the internet. Mortar Investments vehicles usually come with unused stock engines. Please note: the standard variant does not have differential locks, just 4x4 and low gearboxes. Hard-top versions available.  

We sell both on-road tyres (YA-245) and off-road tyres (YA-192) for UAZ jeeps. 

Make a UAZ-469 jeep road-legal.



The UAZ-469 (Russian УАЗ-469), also called UAZ-3151 in later versions, is an off-road vehicle of the Soviet or Russian manufacturer Uljanowski Awtomobilny Sawod (UAZ for short) from Ulyanovsk. The UAZ-469 was mainly used by the Soviet Army and other armed forces of the Warsaw Pact countries. In the Soviet Union, it was also widely used in almost all government organizations that needed robust off-road vehicles.

Vehicle history

Prototypes of the UAZ-469 already existed at the beginning of the 1960s. The first copies were completed in 1961, and the trial phase was completed in 1962. However, there was no series production.

Series production of the UAZ-469 began in 1972, replacing the GAZ-69 that had been built until then. In order to demonstrate the off-road capability of the vehicles, a test drive on the Elbrus was undertaken in 1974 with a total of three near-series UAZ-469B. The vehicles reached a height of 4200 meters within 38 minutes.

In 1985 a revision was made, whereby in the course of this the designation of the vehicle in UAZ-3151 was changed due to new standards. In the 1990s, versions with Peugeot XD2 diesel engines were also sold. The vehicle was also marketed variously as the Tundra 469.

Production ceased in November 2003 and was succeeded by the visually very similar UAZ Hunter.

The German Democratic Republic imported the vehicles from 1974, they were used by both civillians and the military. They were to be found being used in forestry and agriculture as well as in the People's Police, the People's Police standby, the fighting groups of the working class and civil defence. A total of about 2500 of the SUVs came to the GDR. A part of it - mainly from vehicles used in agriculture - was converted to Cunewald diesel engines of the type 4 VD 8.8 / 8.5 (used in the Multicar 25) due to the excessive gas consumption.



In 1985, the car was modernized, the gear version, according to the new classification, received the index 3151.

  • Hydraulic clutch release;
  • Cardan shafts with radial-mechanical seal bearings;
  • New lighting devices (two-section sidelights, rear three-section lamps FP-132, side repeaters);
  • Electric windshield washer;
  • Suspension clutch and brake pedals;
  • Driving axles of high reliability with a modified value of the gear ratio of the main pair and wheel gears;
  • Double-circuit brake system and warning device;
  • Split safety steering column;
  • More efficient and reliable heater;
  • On the part of the machines, a fully synchronized 4-speed gearbox, vacuum brake booster;
  • Engine power UMZ-417 increased to 80 liters. with.;
  • The maximum speed of the car increased to 120 km / h


Technical specifications

For pre-1985 version UAZ-469B:

  • Engine: four-cylinder gasoline engine
  • Engine type: ZMZ-451M
  • Power: 75 hp (55 kW)
  • Torque: 167 Nm at 2000 rpm
  • Displacement: 2445 cm³
  • Bore: 92 mm
  • Stroke: 92 mm
  • Consumption: 12 l / 100 km
  • Tank capacity: 78 l
  • Gearbox: manual gearbox, 4 gears + reverse gear, partially synchronized
  • Terrain reduction: two levels
  • Top speed: 100 km / h
  • Drive formula: 4 × 4, front axle can be switched off

Dimensions and weights

  • Length: 4025 mm
  • Width: 1785 mm
  • Height: 2015 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2380 mm
  • Track width: 1442 mm front and rear
  • Ground clearance: 220 mm
  • Empty weight: 1540 kg
  • permissible total weight: 2290 kg
  • Payload: 690 kg
  • Trailer weight: 850 kg
  • Seats: 7 (5+2 auxiliary seats)


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