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Tatra 815 double-cab sand-blasting and paint 


Produced 1974-1997
Notable for


Type Tatra T3-930-51
Fuel Diesel
Power 265 kW
Maximum Torque 1295 Nm


4x4, 6x6, 8x8 


Curb Weight 4x4: 9,2 t, 6x6: 12,7 t, 8x8: 15,1 t
Crew 3+1
Height 3,650 m
Length 4x4: 7,8 m, 6x6: 8,35 m, 8x8: 9,340 m
Width 2,500 m
Ground Clearance 0.410 m


Driving Licence Truck
Can be transported in a container?
Requires an Export Licence?

Driving capacities

Fuel Capacity 450L
Fuel Consumption 45 l / 100 km
Speed on Road 80 km / h
Speed Cross-country




Voltage 24v
Tyre Size 15,00-21 TO3, 18-22,5


Tatra 815 trucks for sale. Buy a fabled Czechoslovakian heavy truck. 

We can make a Tatra 815 truck road-legal.

Tatra 815 VVN 26 265 8x8.R for sale

Flatbed all-terrain truck designed to transport people and cargo up to a maximum weight of 12,000 kg. On paved roads, it will tighten a trailer with a maximum towable weight of 45,000 kg (50,000 kg), and in the field, 15,000 kg. A direct follower of Tara 813

Technical and tactical data

Cargo space:
- length: 6 250 mm
- width: 2 410 mm
- side height: 1 150 mm
- height under tarpaulin: 2 055 mm

- arrangement in V at an angle of 90 °
- supercharged, multi-fuel (diesel, kerosene, petrol 90.96 + diesel, always of course in a certain ratio)
- firing of cylinders: 1 8 5 10 3 7 6 11 2 9 4 12
- engine capacity: 19004 ccm

- 85 meters of steel rope with a diameter of 23.6 mm - tensile force 117.7 kN

TATRA 815 VT 26 265 8x8.1 R
The T-815 VT 8x8 military tractor is a four-axle car with permanent all-wheel drive. When overcoming difficult terrain, it is possible to change the tire overpressure while driving. It has a built-in attachment for working with a snow plow, a bulldozer blade and is equipped with a winding device for pulling out.

The tractor is equipped with a twelve-cylinder, supercharged, multi-fuel, air-cooled engine. It has a four-door cabin, in its middle part there are two more seats located in the opposite direction, which can be divided into a temporary bed arrangement. The makeshift bed can be hung above the front seats. The platform grate is adapted to support the constant load needed to tow heavy trailers.

Make, type of vehicle T-815 VT 8 x 8
Standby weight 15,700 kg
Payload 10,000 kg
Total vehicle weight 25,700 kg
Crew weight 600 kg
Maximum trailer weight in the field 15,000 kg
on public roads with a prescribed load of 9,400 kg

Tyre size: 10.00 R20

Proportion of curb weight for front axles 2 x 4,600 kg
rear 2 x 3 250 kg
Proportion of total weight on front axles 2 x 5,775 kg
rear 2 x 7 075 kg
proportion of total weight with prescribed load on the front axle 2 x 6 425 kg
rear 2 x 6 425 kg
Car length 9,340 mm
Width max. 2,500 mm
Do not load the height of the car over the hatch. 3,030 mm
do not load over the sail. 3,650 mm
Clear height 410 mm
Height of the towing device axis above the front road 965 mm
rear 910 mm
Wheelbase between first and second axle 1,650 mm
between the second and third axles 2 970 mm
between the third and fourth axles 1 450 mm
Wheelbase front 2,044 mm
rear 1 988 mm

Engine type
T 3-930-51
Engine type four-stroke, supercharged, multi-fuel, with direct fuel injection
Number of cylinders 12
Drilling x stroke 120 x 140 mm
Engine displacement 19,000 cm3
Maximum engine power 235 / 2,200 kW / min-1
Maximum torque 1,295 / 1,400 N.m / min -1
16: 1 compression ratio
Cooling by air
Friction clutch, single-disc, hydraulic control with pneumatic booster
The transmission has 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. In addition to the first 2 and 2 reversals, the other stages are secured by synchronization
Additional transmission two-speed, descending, with wheels in constant engagement. Shifting is performed by a gear clutch.
Wheels rim size 11,25-21 divided discs
tire size 15.00-21 TO-3
Weight of the complete wheel 220 kg
Basic fuel consumption 65.2 l / 100km
Maximal speed 80 km / h
Permanent drive 8 x 8
Max. tensile force 117.7 kN
Rope length 85 m

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