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Produced 1959-1962
Notable for an affordable flank


Type Tatra T-912-2 6 cylinder
Fuel Diesel
Power 81 kW
Maximum Torque 353 Nm


Praga V3S 


Curb Weight 10.3 T
Crew 5
Height 2,950 m
Length 6,920 m
Width 2,345 m
Ground Clearance 0,40 m


Driving Licence Truck
Can be transported in a container?
Requires an Export Licence?

Driving capacities

Fuel Capacity 160 L
Fuel Consumption 32 l / 100 km
Speed on Road 60km/h
Speed Cross-country


Type Mechanic


Voltage starter 24V, rest 12V
Tyre Size 8.25-20


Cracking Praga PLDVK flank canons for sale. Buy a must-have artillery piece. 

These M. 53/59 flanks are really elegant. It follows in the spirit of WWII. Its soul is a Praga V3S, yet provided the weight of the armour and of the cannons, don't expect much speed. Differential locks on all axles. 


Czech classic car road-registration available.

30mm anti-aircraft double cannon M 53/59, called "Lizard" is a Czechoslovak anti-aircraft weapon used by the Czechoslovak People's Army (CSLA).

The self-propelled anti-aircraft double cannon vz. 53/59 was manufactured in the years 1959–1962 in the Praga plant in Letňany (chassis), Závody Říjnové Revoluce Vsetín (weapon), Závody K. J. Vorošilova Dubnica (assembly). The flank cannon is located on the armoured chassis (6 × 6) of the Praga V3S truck, structurally based on a towed anti-aircraft double cannon vz.53. The vehicle has a built-in device to protect the crew from the effects of weapons of mass destruction. The gun carriage is designed to be removable, which allows the use of this system in a stationary design. The cannons have a full range of 360 ° and the elevation is in the range from -2 ° to + 85 °. It can effectively act on ground targets up to a distance of 2000 m. In addition to Czechoslovakia, Libya and Yugoslavia were also effective.

It was usually deployed as anti-aircraft protection of ground units (tank and motorized rifle regiments), or as fire protection of staff and command posts of field units against air and ground attacks. It was used in these roles in the Czechoslovak Army until the 1980s.




  • Crew: 5 people (commander, shooter, driver, two chargers)
  • Chassis: PV3S (6 × 6)
  • Combat weight: 10.3 t
  • Length: 6,920 mm
  • Width: 2,345 mm
  • Height: 2,950 mm
  • Clear height: 400 mm
  • Engine power: 81 kW
  • Specific power: 7.8 kW / t
  • Top speed: 60 km / h
  • Maximum range: 500 km
  • Crossing: 0.7 m
  • Wading capacity: 0.8 m
  • Climb: 0.46 m
  • Maximum pitch angle: 60%
  • Maximum side tilt angle: 30%
  • Armament: 2 × 30 mm cannon
  • Ammunition supply: 800 rounds (400 in 8 magazines of 50 rounds each, 400 in boxes)
  • Theoretical cadence 400-500 rounds/min
  • Practical firing rate: 150 rounds/min (ie 75 rounds/min per barrel - it was not possible to change 85 kg magazines faster)
  • Effective range: at targets flying at speeds of up to 1,260 km / h
  • Long range (air / ground targets): 3000 m / 2000 m
  • Altitude range: 3,000 m
  • Engine: Tatra - type 912 air-cooled, in-line six-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine, OHV
  • Power: 72 kW (98 HP)
  • Top speed: 60 km / h
  • Fuel consumption: 32 l / 100 km
  • Frontal armour: 10 mm
  • Side armour: 6 mm


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