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The Russians built their vehicles heavy and hungry for fuel but extremely robust and resilient. Russian surplus lorries are recognised for their very simple design, huge wheels, typically a small number of axles, gasoline engines (with the exception of the diesel URAL-4320, URAL 375 diesel version and KRAZ-255B) and massive structures. Less complex in their construction, post-Soviet military trucks are easy to drive and to maintain. The colossal production of Russian trucks guarantees permanent access to cheap spares. Czech-produced lorries have traditionally relied on smart technology - notably those of the Tatra company. Lighter in their design and construction, powered by diesel engines (except for the Tatra 805) and equipped with up to four separately powered axles as well as with unique military patents, they can operate anywhere, from arid deserts to frozen mountains, Czech Tatra ex-military lorries remain unbeaten as far as their off-road capacity and durability is concerned. Among the light and simple trucks, Praga has no equal. What's more, thanks to the worldwide commercial representation of the Tatra Company and its factory still operating, you will find it easy to get your spare parts in your home country at any time you wish. When buying a Tatra truck, please keep in mind that the Tatra T-815 and the Tatra T-813 vehicles are equipped with a complex hydraulics system and consequently require regular driving to prevent oil oxidation which may seriously damage your engine (a part of the oil changes into water). KRAZ-255B, URAL-375, URAL-4320 diesel, ZIL-131, ZIL-157, URAL-375D, ZIL-135 rocket launcher, GAZ-66 T-815, T-813 KOLOS, T-813 RM 70 GRAD, Tatra ShKh 77 DANA, T-138, T-813 BMP transporter, T-815 BMP transporter, Praga V3S,Praga S5T