How to buy

All tanks and all armoured vehicles and most spares thereof are liable to a licensing procedure by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. The whole procedure should not exceed a duration of 9 weeks for EU countries and 12 weeks for non-EU member states. The costs of the export procedure are included in the pricing of the vehicle.

If the equipment is to be exported to an EU member state, no documents are required for the export licence. Please note, that you may still be asked to obtain a licence to possess the equipment in your country of residence.

An International Import Certificate (IIC) certified by the End-User Government document or its equivalent will be required. Please note that, as most of the goods pass through Germany, a German transit permit shall be required for certain goods.

Import Permit. An ATF Firearms and Explosives Division Permit is required for any import. The form is to be downloaded here.

International Import Certificate. U.S. International Import Certificate form can be found here. We will need the IIC either in paper form or containing proof of it being handed to you electronically. For more information please visit the sites of the Bureau of Industry and Security.

Agricultural Inspection. All goods are sold clear of dirt due to agriculture inspection.

Demilitarisation No demilitarisation of the armour is required. Gun demilitarisation is required.

Import form to be downloaded here. More information on the import can be found here. More information on International Import Certificate in Canada can be found here. IIC forms are supplied online via EXCOL. An IIC specimen for arms exports to Canada can been downloaded here.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs import permit substitutes the IIC. An End-User document required.

A Swiss IIC form is provided here. General information on arms import procedure is given here.

The federal Service for Military-Technical Co-operation (websites) 115324, Moscow, Ovchinnikovskaya Nab., 18/1.

The IIC in English version is to be downloaded here. A confirmation of procurement by a Government Institution may substitute the IIC.