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ZIL-131 NVA green restoration 


Produced since 1966
Notable for massively produced gasoline truck


Type ZIL-131 V8 6l
Fuel gasoline
Power 111 kW
Maximum Torque 402 Nm


ZIL 131, ZIL 131V 


Curb Weight 11,7 T
Crew 3
Height 2,49 m
Length 7,04 m
Width 2,49 m
Ground Clearance


Driving Licence Truck
Can be transported in a container?
Requires an Export Licence?

Driving capacities

Fuel Capacity 2x170 L
Fuel Consumption 40 L/100 km
Speed on Road 80 km/h
Speed Cross-country
Payload 5000 kg


Type Manual


Voltage 12 V
Tyre Size 12.00-20


Blue-ribbon Russian camper trucks ZIL-131 for sale. 

Buy those trucks mass produced, robust and simple. Its direct 4x4 competitor is GAZ-66. Its closest relative is URAL-375D, followed by URAL-4320 and KAMAZ-4310

Czech classic car road-registration available.

Dimensions of a standard ZIL-131 shelter box (Kb6-131): 

ZIL-131 KUNG shelter: dimensions


Internal dimensions of a ZIL-131 shelter:

  • length 4000 mm

  • width 2250 mm

  • height (in the axis) 1800 mm

  • height (along the sidewall) 1500 mm

  • Payload 2950 kg

Vehicle history

The development of the vehicle goes back to the mid-1950s. During the development of the ZIL-157 from the predecessor ZIS-151, work began on designing a new three-axle military truck with all-wheel drive. The project was initially named ZIS-131, and in 1956 a first prototype was presented that was very similar to the first prototypes of the ZIL-130.

Three years later, in 1959, the tests on the prototypes were successfully completed and the vehicle was renamed ZIL-131 due to de-Stalinization. A production start was planned for 1961 or 1962, however it could not be met. Series production of the ZIL-130 began in 1964, and production of the more complex ZIL-131 could not begin until 1967. From this point on, some components of the vehicle such as axles and winches were manufactured in a branch plant of ZIL, the Brjanski Awtomobilny Sawod.

In 1974 the vehicle was awarded the state seal of approval of the USSR. In 1986 the manufacturer revised the trucks, the new version was designated ZIL-131N. A year later, the production of the vehicles also began in Uralski Awtomotorny Sawod (UAmZ).

The production of the ZIL-131 in Zawod imeni Lichachowa ended in 1990. Until then, a total of 998,429 trucks of this type had been built, 48,000 in 1989 alone. At UAmZ, production continued unchanged until 2002. This year the plant changed its name to AMUR, the truck became the AMUR-531340. When the plant went bankrupt in 2010 and 2011, the truck was still on offer and was therefore built in series for 43 years. The ZIL plant in Moscow has been producing the ZIL-4334, a successor to the ZIL-131, since 1994.

Many armies of the Warsaw Pact used the ZIL-131, among other things as a base vehicle for the multiple rocket launcher BM-51 "Prima" (a variant of the BM-21). The GDR also imported it, both for civil purposes and for the NVA. The version as a tractor unit was also used there.


Technical specifications

For the basic model ZIL-131.

  • Engine: V8 petrol engine
  • Engine type: "ZIL-131"
  • Power: 150 hp (110 kW)
  • Displacement: 5996 cm³
  • Compression: 6.5: 1
  • Tank capacity: 2 × 170 l
  • Consumption: 40 l / 100 km
  • Range: 850 km
  • Transmission: manual five-speed manual transmission, two-stage off-road reduction
  • Top speed: 80 km / h
  • Braking distance from 30 km / h: 12 m
  • maximum negotiable gradient: 58%
  • maximum slope angle (sideways): 40%
  • Wading depth: 1.4 m
  • passable step: 0.6 m
  • maximum trench width that can be exceeded: about 1 m
  • Drive formula: 6 × 6


Dimensions and weights

  • Length: 7040 mm
  • Width: 2500 mm
  • Height: 2480 mm (over cabin), 2975 mm (over tarpaulin)
  • Wheelbase: 3350 mm + 1250 mm
  • Track width: 1820 mm
  • Ground clearance: 330 mm
  • Turning circle: 20.2 m
  • Empty weight: 6700 kg
  • permissible total weight: 11,925 kg
  • Payload: 5000 kg, 3500 kg off-road
  • permissible trailer load: 6500 kg, 4500 kg off-road
  • Tyre size: 12.00 R20

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