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Produced 1969-1983
Notable for most practical recovery tank


Type V-55A V12
Fuel Diesel
Power 520 HP
Maximum Torque 2400 Nm
Displacement 38 880 см3


Combat Weight 35 T
Length 7.12 m
Hull Length 7.12 m
Width 3.28m
Ground Clearance 0.45m


Requires an Export Licence?

Driving capacities

Fuel Capacity 712L
Speed Cross-country 25km/h


Secondary 7,62 mm machinegun


Russian recovery tanks VT-55 for sale. Buy a prodigious towing machine! in America in the UK or elsewhere. 

A handy helper anywhere, where towing, strong winches, and cranes are necessary. On top of that, it provides a driving experience of a T-55 without the physical weight, disbalance, and sometimes administrative burden posed by a turret with a gun. It also is a way cheaper. If you intend to build a replica of a tank, this will be the most suitable chassis to start from. 


VT-55A rescue tank is a special armoured tracked vehicle built on the chassis of the T-55A tank. It is designed especially for towing crashed or damaged equipment in various terrain conditions, for rescuing equipment at various degrees of entanglement with the required traction force up to 75 MPa.
With its built-in crane it is possible to lift loads up to 1.5 tons. Another use of the VT-55A is in the transport of spare parts weighing up to 3 tons to damaged equipment.
The vehicle is divided into the driver's compartment, command compartment, winch area, and engine and transmission compartments. It is equipped with a device to protect the crew from the effects of WMD. The crew consists of a commander, driver-mechanic, and binder.


The development of the VT-55 version began at the Turčianske strojárny n.p Martin Development Plant in 1964 with the partial use of the license documentation of the Soviet recovery tank on the T-54 chassis (BTS-II). During the development, two prototypes were built, subjected to tests. Development was completed in 1968. A testing series was produced in 1969, serial production took place from 1969 to 1983. About 20% of the vehicles produced were bought by the Czechoslovak People's Army (ČSLA), exports to the former Warsaw Pact countries accounted for about 50%, the rest, about 30% bought the so-called non-socialist states. VT-55A is designed to release damaged tank equipment in combat operations, respectively. stuck tank equipment in various obstacles and to tow it to a safe place, to lift loads with the transport of spare parts and material on the cargo platform. VT-55A has shooting and anti-tank resistance at the level of the T-55A tank. The propulsion unit, transmission, and chassis are unified with the T-55A tank.




Main winch:
- mechanical with towing drums
- pulling force through one pulley: 500 kN
- pulling force over two pulleys: 750 kN
- working length of rope: 200 m

Auxiliary winch:
- drum with hydraulic drive
- tensile force: 8 kN
- working length of rope: 400 m

Support headland:
- when releasing, he leans on the terrain and thus stabilizes the vehicle for work
- lowers and lifts by the main winch rope

- max. load: 1,500 kg (1,200 kg with extended arm)
- max. unloading: 4 m
- min. unloading: 0.6 m

Cargo platform:
- removable, all-metal, with folding sides
- dimensions: 2.5 x 1.6 x 0.4 m
- load capacity: 3,000 kg

- designed for recharging NKN-10, NiCd 2000 and NiCd 225 batteries
- voltage and current:
- 2.4 V / 2A
- 3x 1.2 V / 0.2 A
- 2x 12 V / 22.5 mA
- charging time: 10 h (NKN-10), 16 h (NiCd 2000 and NiCd 225)

Welding equipment:
- used for welding and cutting with electrodes with a diameter of 3.15 to 5 mm
- operating current: 140 - 230 A
- no-load voltage: 30 - 55 V


The tank does not have fixed equipment
Crew armament:
- submachine gun: 2 pcs
- machine gun vz. 59: 1 pcs
- armored RPG-7: 1 pc
- signal pistol: 1 pc
- smoke machine DM-11: 4 pcs

 Fuel consumption:
- on the road: 190 - 210 l / 100 km
- in the field: 300 - 330 l / 100 km
- with towed tank: 470 - 1 000 l / 100 km

Voltage in the vehicle's electrical network: 24 V

Volume of all fuel tanks: 840 l
- 2 front tanks: 460 l
- 2 rear tanks: 380 l

Night vision devices:
- Commander's observation device: TKN-1
- driver's observer: TVN-2

Radio station: R-123
- frequency range 20.5 - 51.5 MHz
- range: up to 20 km
Radio station: VXW 010
- frequency range: 33 to 35; 44 to 46; 73 to 78; 78 to 84 MHz
- number of works. frequency: one with a spacing of 25 kHz
- range: 1 to 3 km
- type of modulation: frequency modulated telephony
- power supply: NiCd 12 V / 225 mAh
- operating time: maximum 8 hours

Intercom equipment: R-124

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