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Produced SSSR, ČSSR
Notable for


Type V-46
Fuel Diesel
Power 574 kW
Maximum Torque


Combat Weight 46500 Kg
Length 8150 mm
Hull Length
Width 3460 mm
Ground Clearance


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Driving capacities

Fuel Capacity 1590 l
Speed Cross-country




The recovery tank VT-72B is a special tracked armored vehicle built on
chassis of the T-72 tank.
This recovery tank is mainly used:
■ rescuing stuck, overturned, overturned and drowned vehicles,
■ towing crashed or damaged equipment in various terrains,
■ carrying out the necessary landscaping in connection with recovery,
■ provision of technical assistance to crews of damaged vehicles,
■ technical, radiation and partially chemical and engineering research,
■ security of rescue teams when crossing watercourses.
Main parts:
■ chassis and drive system,
■ body with superstructure and purpose-built special equipment (main and auxiliary winch,
crane, loading platform, blade, welding equipment),
■ special equipment (thermal fumigation equipment, equipment to protect against effects
weapons of mass destruction, fire fighting equipment, a set for driving a tank under

Main winch:
- traction force: max. 300 kN
- working length of rope: 200 m
- rope diameter: 29.5 mm
- max. traction force over one pulley: 600 kN
- max. pulling force over two pulleys: 900 kN

Auxiliary winch:
- traction force: 10 kN
- rope diameter: 6.3 mm
- working length of rope: 400 m

- load capacity: max. 19,000 kg, 18,000 kg with clear unloading (from the contour of the vehicle) of 1.9 m and a maximum height of the hook above the ground of 5.5 m
- maximum unloading: 7.6 m
- maximum unloading from the axis of rotation: 2.24 m

Bulldozer blade:
- working width: 3,360 mm
- recess: 300 mm
- performance in clay terrain: 126 m3/h

Cargo platform:
- load capacity: 4,000 kg
- dimensions: 1.4 m x 2.0 m

Welding equipment:
- welding current: 300 A

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VT-72B Recovery Tank

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