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Wholesale of Soviet and Russian ammunition boxes.

We sell used army wooden boxes. You may buy military surplus ammo crates here, too. We also have army ammunition cans. The cartridge boxes we sell come from the Czech Army, yet many of the "spam cans" are of Russian origin. All crates are labelled with calibre, quantity, and manufacturing date or lot number of the ammo. 

original Soviet army ammo crate drawing

original Soviet army ammo crate drawing

All crates we sell have been stored under roof by the Army until very recently. However, not all boxes are in great condition. Mostly, they're rather designed to be used as paint-ball and air-soft decorations or geocaching containers. We ship ammo crates worldwide. Economically, provided shipping costs, it makes sense buying a palette or a whole container of boxes. All crates you can buy here are to be used as garniture, not for storing explosives. 

Standard size: 70x20x40 cm. 

There are available:

  • TNT explosive boxes
  • grenades boxes 
  • missile boxes
  • machine gun ammunition boxes
  • rocket cases
  • ammo cans
  • army utility boxes
  • cartridges
  • cardboard ammo boxes

Russian ammo box for sale

Russian ammo box for sale


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