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KamAZ trucks began to be built in 1969. For a new generation of trucks, engineers created a 4-stroke diesel 8-cylinder KamAZ-740 V8 engine. This power unit had a working volume of 10852 cm3, and its power was 210 horsepower. Then, the power indicators had to be expanded from 180 to 360 hp. The motor has relatively small dimensions, and also has a lower mass in comparison with the same YaMZ-238.

Torque from the motor to the main components is transmitted through spur gears. So, the gears of the gas distribution system, pumps and compressors, as well as the hydraulic booster work on the gears. The KamAZ-740 engine has a good start even at very low ambient temperatures. This was made possible thanks to the power of the battery, starter and heater units before starting.


A type    turbocharged diesel
Location and number of cylinders    V-8
Number of valves    16
Horsepower    from 210 for the first modifications to 440 for the latest
Torque, Nm    from 667 for the first modifications to 2060 for the latest
Environmental standards    from Euro 0 for the first modifications to Euro 5 for the last
Working volume, l    10.85 / 11.76
Cylinder diameter mm    120
Piston stroke mm    120/130
Compression ratio    16.0 / 16.8 / 17.0
Weight kg    835
Cylinder block material    cast iron

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